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“Dr. Boutelle tells it like it is and has helped me come to the truth about my issues.  I wish I had met him sooner because I could have avoided or have gotten he tools to be emotionally stronger.  I would have already gotten emotional muscle to deal with things better.”

“Dr. Boutelle has provided me the ability to let go and move on.  He asks leading questions that made me dive deeper inside myself and sometimes admit things I was holding inside.  He is honest and truthful, even if you don’t want to hear it.  He offers a smile or a laugh that makes you feel human again and endless support on the guide back to life.”

“I am one of those people who never thought I would need to seek professional help for my problems.  A few months ago however, a crisis came up in my marriage and I knew I couldn’t handle or process things without some guidance.  I feel quite lucky to have found Dr. Boutelle who has been there to listen well and then provide that guidance.  He has a great gift for getting to the heart of things quickly.  In his serene office, I have come to realize a great deal, work through a lot, and become a better critical thinker.  It has only been a few months but I feel stronger and more enlightened and now have the tools to better handle what comes my way.  I am so very grateful to Dr. Boutelle.”

“Dr. Boutelle has made a huge positive difference in my life - plain and simple.
He got right the root of my issues and helped guide me into a peaceful, "live in the moment" place that has resulted in significant reduction of stress & anxiety, and increased clarity & focus. Furthermore, he comes loaded with amazing practical day-to-day advice on a wide range of subjects: work, relationships, time management, helpful books to read, enjoying the day, and many others.  I would recommend him to anyone who seeks to feel better about their station in life, reduce stress, and fully appreciate the wonderful experience of being alive.”

“My journey with Dr. Boutelle has been an awakening experience. This ongoing journey has helped me view the actions I've taken and helped me to critically analyze my thoughts so I am able to be more present minded. His guidance through this transformation is something that can not be measured and has been invaluable. Dr. Boutelle's calm yet reassuring voice has helped me overcome many ideas in my rattled head and helped me to unravel thoughts or feelings that have hounded me for years. There is no issue or idea to big or small for Dr. Boutelle to guide you through, with a warm smile and critical mind Dr. Boutelle will help you change how you view your existence in a very profound and deeply positive way."

“A few years ago, I discovered Dr Boutelle from his website, called him, came in to his office for an intro meeting, and my life has changed positively in countless ways ever since. He is a great doctor and always treats you like a person instead of just a patient.  I currently live in NY and am still having sessions with him over the phone.  He is the best therapist I have ever had.”

  4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 700
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Ph: (310) 482-3399
Fx: (310) 317-6784
Email: DrBoutelle@gmail.com
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